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 A few tips to help you live a healthy lifestyle – small steps!

Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. Evidence has shown that exercising for just this small period of time each day, or at least 6 days a week, can stem off many diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Turn that TV off or just do some exercise in front of it for 30 minutes a day. Fresh air is good for you, so if you can get out and exercise this will be a lot better for you.
More tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle

Make your life healthier and longer by:

-       Stop smoking
-       Taking regular exercise
-       Eating five fruit and vegetables each day
-       Drinking plenty of water
-    Making time - make time for a healthy Lifestyle
Don’t Stress: Get rid of them! Although these emotions seem harmless, stress and anger raise your blood pressure levels which are not good for you or your heart. How to relieve stress here by doing things slowly!

Laugh a big belly laugh
A big healthy laugh is all that is sometimes needed to relieve stress. Be happy, don’t let other people make you feel miserable. Walk away from situations that make you feel miserable and find happy situations. Laughing and being happy will bring down your blood pressure levels and lower your cholesterol – cholesterol is the stress producing hormone and so we don’t want any of that! Be gone nasty cholesterol! . Read 8 ways to reduce stress by laughing here.
How to control your stress and anger

Control your anger and stress
Get out into the sunlight and gets lots of vitamin D. This powerful vitamin fights many diseases such as depression, heart disease, forms of cancer. Get up early and get your full dose of vitamin D. Try to avoid the sun after mid-day as the rays can be harmful. Read about  the healing benefits of the sun here.

Get your daily dose of vegetables and fruit. Try to eat fresh fruit not canned but if you can only get canned on a certain day – go for it! Find out how to incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet here for a healthy lifestyle.
Salt can also raise your blood pressure levels so limit your salt to what is naturally in food and try not to add too much salt to your diet or consume foods rich in added salt. Get rid of that extra salt and benefit from a healthy lifestyle. Read about the negative impact of table salt here.

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