Get Walking For Weight Loss Get Trim Fast

4 March 2020

                                                     Why walk?

Walking is free!  Walking can help with weight loss and get you a trim body very quickly, if done regularly each week. You just have to throw a pair of trainers or comfortable foot wear and you are ready to go. I am not talking about speed walking or jogging. Just walking at a pace that is comfortable for you.

 A few years ago, an experiment was conducted on two twins. One walked and the other ran. They tested them to see who burnt the most calories and it turned out to be the twin that was walking. My point - you do not have to run to get trim. Simple regular walking will do the trick and perhaps put less stress on your knees.

How many calories does walking burn?
Walking can burn from 90 to 200 calories in 30 minutes. If you want to burn more calories you can increase your walking speed. That is  three biscuits! Use this calorie counter to get a personalised calorie count. 

Benefits of walking 
- Increases blood circulation 
- Helps with weight loss
- Improves your mood
- Is relaxing
- Can tone your legs and arms. Read exercise is good for you!
- It is free!

How to walk?
Good walking posture is essential. Stand tall and make sure your stomach is tucked in. Do not bend over or slouch. Do not clench your hands but keep them open to allow good blood circulation. Walk at a stride that is comfortable to you. Do not over stretch your legs. If it feels natural and comfortable, then that is good. Here is a video on how to walk properly. 

When to walk 
I like to walk early in the morning as that sets me up for the day. You can either go for a walk outside or on a treadmill. If you cannot do the mornings then try as soon as you get home or better still build walking into your day around work. Walk at break-time and lunch time. Find ten minutes and go for a walk around the office. Walk up and down the stairs or work around the office block. It does not matter how you fit your walking in, the most important thing is that you do it regularly. 

How often to walk 
Walking is low impact, so walking for weigh loss can be done several times a week. Aim to start slowly. Maybe 15 minutes a day , three times a week and then build to at least 30 minutes four times a week or to the number of days you feel comfortable at. 

10000 steps or not?
I like to do 10000 steps in a day so I have a pedometer that monitors this. However, this is not ideal for everyone and you should consider the number of steps you want to do. There is no evidence to support that 10, 000 steps are the correct amount to take. However, it is sometimes nice to see you have reached a target, be it 5000 steps of 3000 steps. It does not matter. Talk to you doctor before you embark on any exercise if you feel that you are physically not fit and need help and advice. It is better to be safe than sorry. 

Shoes and clothes to walk in
I walk in trainers as I use walking as a form of exercise. However, there is no reason you cannot walk in a good pair of walking shoes or hiking boots. Make sure you have sun protection on hot days. Loose clothes and cold weather clothing if it is cold outside. On a warm day, why not consider shorts and a t-shirt. If you are walking a long distance, do consider wearing worn-in shoes, rather than new shoes / trainer, you may also want to consider long pants and long sleeves to protect you from the wild life. Pack a rain coat and spare socks.

Be safe walking 
Always consider your safety. Do not walk in isolated areas such as the forest or dark road unless you are with a friend or group of people. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have seen lone runners / walkers appear from our nearby woods. They are braver than I! Be safe. There are plenty of open parks and open spaces to walk in. As walking is low impact, you do not have to walk on the grass. Instead just walk around your locality but make sure you are safe and can be seen, if it is late at night or dark. Also, if it is dark, consider wearing a reflective jacket. 

To conclude:
Walking is a great way to loose weight and get trim fast. Always consider your safety and wear appropriate footwear. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, do consult with you physician before you embark on your walking for weight loss. Have a great time walking - it's free and fun!

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