Burn Calories with Indoor Roller Skating Today

15 January 2020

Why roller skate
Roller skating is a fun activity that you can do anywhere - anytime. Skating indoors is a great way to stay safe and have fun. It does not matter how old you are; we can all roller skate if we are physically able to stand and Move without restriction. It is a fun activity. Many adults think it is just for children and teenagers, but this is not true. I have been ice skating and roller skating well over twenty years and I will not stop even when I get to 50!  Society concentrates on what is considered age related. There is no such thing. What ever activity you enjoy, go forward and do it. As long as you are not hurting anyone and it’s not illegal – just go for it.  

indoor roller skating burn calories

I recently too two of my student’s indoor roller skating. I was the adult, but I could skate better than them. I had to teach them how to stand up! Age is just a restrictive number. Forget age limits and think about what you want to do, not how old you are.

Roller Skating burns Fat
Roller skating is a great way to burn calories. You can burn up to 250 calories roller-skating for 30 minutes. If done regularly, you will soon be pleased to see that your muscles become more tones, as roller skating helps to tone up thighs, calves and your bottom!  What's more it is a relatively cheap form of exercise as you can just roller skate in the park or at a skate centre. 
There are many roller-skating parks around the country see my list below.

How to skate safely for indoors and outdoors
-          Take precautions. Only skate where it is safe to do so. If you are a beginner, start in the park or find an indoor roller skating centre.
-          If you want to learn, find a centre that teaches you how to stand correctly and fall correctly
-          Wear a helmet and safety pads. When you are older, bones take longer to heel so make sure you have safety pads on elbows and knees.
-          Wear clothing that is lose but not restrictive or obstructive
-          Learn the basic techniques of how to stand
-          If you are out on the street, use a whistle so you can blow if a passer-by gets in the way
-          Make sure you have identification on you if you are out on your own
-          Skate with a friend if you can
-          Avoid hazards weather. Do not skate when it is raining or snowing as you could slip and hurt yourself.
-          I wear clothes as I like to protect my hands. Cushioned clothes are good.
-          Check you skates before you start to use them. Make sure the wheels are in good condition and nothing is broken or damaged. Make sure they are spinning correctly.
-          Check the boots are clean and free from any particles. After each skate clean your boats and the wheels. Make sure they are dry.
-          Check the toe stop is secure and clean.

Indoor roller skating
Welwyn Garden City 





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