Be Happy Healthy and Have Fun!

3 September 2014 United Kingdom

Happy, you are what you make happy!

As the dark dreary long nights draw in – cold nights loom in London town- it is easy to become inactive and unhappy. The summer months always seem to bring such joy and happiness with them, as opposed to the other seasons. It does not have to be like that. You can change your unhappy mood to one of happiness; it just takes a bit of thought.

be happy and fave fun

Being happy, relaxed and active is good for you and this means it’s good for your health. Happiness can be a  barrier from the stresses and strain of modern day life. A healthy lifestyle should also mean a healthy and happy you. Too much stress can cause you to have many undesirable health issues that we all want to avoid.

The wonderful thing about being happy is you can decide that you are going to be happy and live a stress-free life. Change situations that are stressful and make you unhappy. You may not be able to do this overnight, but you sure can work progressively towards it! No situation remains the same for ever, all things change. When you find yourself in an awful place or situation, know that it can change and you can sometimes make the change occur quicker than you thought possible.

Going out and having fun is a good way to stay happy. Try to avoid arguing with people as this will only cause resentment and make at least one person unhappy. Endeavour to understand different points of views instead of arguing against them and just get along, accepting that we are all different.

How to be healthy and happy!  How to be happy:

Be thankful for whatever little you receive or have. Thank people that help you, thank people around you. Thank the cook for preparing a delicious meal, thank the cleaner, thank the receptionist and  thank the sales assistant that helped you pack your shopping. I thank you, for reading this!

Start the day listening to some relaxing music or just in silence. Try not to start with the depressing news, which will not make you happy but quite the opposite. Most news is bad news, so do you need to hear it as soon as you wake up?

Don’t waste your time. Time is very precious, wasted time cannot be gained back! Read How to gain more Time and have more Energy. Have you looked at your time recently?  Write yourself a list, set goals and then prioritise.

Start to laugh more. Find amusement in situations or tell a joke to a friend. Laughter is a wonderful tonic for many problems. 

Stay away from places that have extremely loud noises, toxins and are hazardous.

Express your feelings, affections, friendship and passion to people around you. They will most likely reciprocate your actions. Don’t keep pent up anger of frustrations, your health will suffer. Find ways of expressing yourself in a way that will not upset or harm other people.

Achieving your set goals by working hard is a great way to feel healthy and happy. We all like to feel that we have accomplished something – this makes us happy!

Try to learn something new as often as you can. Learning develops the mind and increases your brains functions. You can find out about so many interesting topics by just having an open mind and reading a wide range of fiction and non-fiction, doing different activities and visiting fun places.

Go out and have fun. Visit places that interest you. Go out for a simple run, jog or walk. You will feel invigorated and happy. Your body was made to be active.

Have fun today. What makes you happy? Leave your happy thought below! Thanks.

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