Friday, 22 August 2014

How To Lower High Blood Pressure and be Fit and Active For Life FUN

We all want to go out and have a great time. It goes without saying that in order to be fit and active we all need to be in good shape. However, high blood pressure will not allow you to do all the fun things you want to do , so it is important to keep your blood pressure in check.

Who is at risk of getting high blood pressure. You are at risk if you:

  • are overweight 
  • are a smokers
  • are Afro-Caribbean or African
  • Don't exercise enough
  • Don't eat enough fruit and vegetables
  • Drink too much alcohol 
  • Drink too much caffeine laden drinks such as coffee
  • are over 65

Although you may not be able to control all factors pertaining to developing high blood pressure,commonly high Blood pressure is a result of being overweight and diet. The more overweight you are increases your chances of you having high blood pressure. This increased risk means that it is important to maintain a normal weight for your height and build. Being a normal weight for your height and build is important even if you don’t have high blood pressure. Overweight people risk getting not only high blood pressure, but other ailments and life threatening diseases.

The good news is, that even if you are suffering with high blood pressure you can control it by losing weight and maintaining and overall good diet. 

Losing weight is not simple but it is achievable as is  and staying fit and healthy.  Reduce the amount of food you eat, eat fresh and natural food and start to become more active and fit. You may not think you eat a lot and indeed you may not. However, if your diet consists of food high in calories, added salt and sugar and low in nutrients then you are basically starving yourself and denying your body vital nutrients. Fresh foods – vegetables, fruit and fresh meat and fish are the best way to get your daily calorie requirements. Stick to this and you will see the weight fall off. Stay away from convenience food whenever you can and you will find that your overall health improves. Also stay away from those beastly calorie laden soft drinks which have too many hidden and unnecessary calories.

Get active and be fit and healthy  This will not only aid in you losing weight but also it will lower your blood pressure and also your cholesterol level and thus you will feel better and the risk of you contracting a disease will greatly be diminished. The more active you are, the less likely you are of getting high blood pressure. Take time to visit places you enjoy, go on family days out and experience all there is to do and see in London or where ever you live

Finally, try to get your heart pumping at least 4 times a week as this will help your heart and lungs be strong will feel fitter and stronger. Read how to stay fit and active without going to the gym. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

London Best Library Day Out Canada Water FUN

Library Southwark
This inverted pyramid is the magnificent library in the London Borough of Southwark - Canada Water. 
You enter from below and towering above you is a large wooden staircase which gallantly rises through the centre of the building, expanding into the top floor which has a reading gallery ringed around it.

This library is a place to relax , use your PC - they have WiFi -study, read or just sit quietly and let the world go by! There's lots of seating around the library - for you and your family or just for one. You get a feeling  of intimacy although in such a public space as there are so many corners and well-thought out seating areas. This building is an architectural triumph considering the small space that the architect had to work with; building up and out makes the user experience, even more thrilling than it would normally be.
Inside - Library Seating with Water View

For a bite to eat or drink, the cafe is on the ground floor serving a variety of hot and cold meals as well as beverages. You can read a book or use a computer in this space as well as the rest of the library. On the first floor there are also seats which overlook the water and offer a calm and tranquil read.
If you do not live in the borough and want to loan books/ audio, you will have to complete a FREE library card application. You will need - current proof of address, such as a utility bill and a passport or driving licence. They do not charge for you to join and you can register the children without taking proof of ID for them.
There are plenty of activities for children to do over the summer and half-term breaks,  so get down to Canada Water library  as soon as you can. What's more, the exit from the tube station, Canada Water,  leads directly into the library!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Can You Do The Healthy Living Dance? FUN

Many of us believe that to live a healthy life equates to living one without any fun. The words that come to mind for most people are : boring, dull and unpleasant. However, this is untrue as you can, with a little motivation and planning, live a healthy lifestyle and still have all the fun and excitement that you think you will be denied. You have a choice and that is all down to you. Just make a conscious decision – healthy or unhealthy the choice is yours! Healthy living is like a dance, it has many stops and turns!

You don’t have to spend an inexhaustible amount of money to be healthy, no matter what the adverts say! These adverts imply that it is near impossible to live a healthy lifestyle without paying for it. They make it seem so difficult without the aid of packaged healthy foods and specific diets. This is totally untrue; the road to a healthy lifestyle is not a difficult one. Small steps will take you down the right road and you will feel so much better for it. This is about you and no one else, do not compare yourself to others, and just start with the person in the mirror!

Survival Healthy Lifestyle Tips:

Healthy food and eat healthy: - Crisp fresh fruit and vegetables are always good for you. Not canned, but fresh!   Try and eat more locally grown vegetables. Fresh and raw vegetables are good for your health so stock up on plenty throughout the day.

Watch the weight: Being  over-weight or underweight is not  a good healthy option , no matter what anyone says. Keep your body in the best condition you can manage by regularly exercising and eating healthy. Keep fit and your mind and body will be fit. You will lead a much more fulfilling life if your body and mind are in top shape. This in turn will help you to have a better quality of life at home, work and play!

Move your body: Exercise - most people don’t like to hear that word, but exercise you must. You must make your heart race and you blood pump at least for 30 minutes a day. Moving your body is a great way to feel better about yourself and the world. Feeling sluggish could be due to a  lack of movement and exercise. Even on the days that you feel particularly sluggish, you should endeavour to do some exercise as this will help you. It does not matter what you do, from dance to tai chai, walking, jogging, cycling or just riding a stationary exercise bike at home. Just get moving and don’t overdo it!

Get some puff back – stop smoking: Need I say anymore. You know what you have to do. Your body knows what you have to do. Listen to your body, listen to your lungs and ditch the cigarettes.
Pollution and toxins are killing us:  Purchase fresh locally produced food, organic fruit and vegetables whenever possible. If budget allows opt for organic grown produce over non-organic.
Read 9 ways to buy natural organic food on a budget.

Start today: You don’t need to wait. Start today. Avoid anything that takes you off track. Plan your healthy life and go get it! Don’t let others mock your efforts, stick to your plan and do the best you can. It can be a battle to follow the right path, but it is a worthwhile challenge and you will love the results.


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