How to Gain more Time and Have More Energy FUN

12 July 2014

Time is gold dust – well in many ways better than gold. No matter what your social status we all have the same amount of time in a day.  Buying time is a popular idiom, but in reality time that is lost cannot be reclaimed. Indeed, time that is lost may have a greater impact on your life than you think!

It is very easy to lose time pontificating and procrastinating about what should be or how terrible a world we live in. It is quite easy to sit around wasting your time thinking amount how poor you are or when you are going to win that huge lottery and have a fantastic life.

Most of us do not appreciate the time we have and how we abuse it, rather than use it. You will never ever get back lost time and so it is important to grab it with both hands and spend time investing in life and yourself.

How much time do you spend just watching the television or surfing the net? How much time do you waste at work , just doing nothing? This lost time soon creeps into all aspects of your life. Not much can get done around the home, time out or having fun - if time is lost procrastinating and pontificating. It’s all very well waking up early to gain more time, but are you actually doing something productive or just sitting around drinking coffee and having a few more smokes? Time will not come back to you!

Rather than watching time go by, select things that you enjoy and that will make you happy and motivate you. How many times have you sat at work pondering on the end of the week or waiting for the end of the working day? This is lost time!  Find something that will take your mind away from that and concentrate on that task. Time will then soon go very quickly without you wishing it away. You will also have completed a task that would otherwise have been put off for weeks or forever.

Live for today and not for tomorrow. Don’t let time slip away. Manage your time by thinking carefully about how you organize your life, thoughts and behaviour. 

Don’t let time start tomorrow, wake it up today

Have a lovely day.


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