Who Dances? Why dancing is global FUN

2 June 2014

Why Dance? Dancing is a wonderful thing to do in London.

There are many reasons why people all over the world love to dance. Dancing is a global cultural phenomenon. The reasons that people dance varies, but the  joy and fun surrounding dance as an activity makes dancing a worldwide activity. Dancing classes help you to socialise, learn a new skill and become more involved in your local community.  I hope to inspire you to dance, and if you dance already to keep doing it as part of your active life. Who dances?

Do religion and dance go hand in hand?

Within the Hindu religion worshipping and dance go hand in hand. Dance is seen as a vital part of worshipping of the Divine; Hindu dance is thus a form of worship. Each deity has a different dance associated with them.

Religion has been used around the world as a celebration to new seasons, to praise deities and as a form of expressing joy and happiness. However, some Christian frown upon dance as it is seem as stirring up emotions and actions that should not be made public. Whilst some Christians believe that is important to dance at important ceremonies such as weddings.

Can we dance with a weapon?

Most of us do not dance with a weapon but … using a weapon as part of dance has been used around the world and throughout history by many nations and cultures to prepare for battle and to celebrate winning a battle. Dance using a weapon is still practised in many cultural ceremonies as a memory and tradition to the past. 

Brazilian Capoeira 
During the 16th Century  slaves created the dance system known as Capoeria . During this period slaves were prohibited from celebrating any of their customs or any form of martial arts. As a response to this Capoeria emerged as  a way of circumventing this restriction. The use of dance movements were incorporated into Capoeira to hide any martial art that were being performed, Thus violent kicks were disguised as dance movements. Thus, Capoeira emerged as a way of self defence and as a means of cultural perseverance. 

What is tribal dance?

Many  Native American dances play a vital role in religious and other ceremonies. These dances are commonly referred to as war dances. These dances date back to when individual tribes had specific dances that they used when preparing to battle, organising the gathering of food and also to defend themselves from invasion and others endeavouring to seize their  land. Dance was also used for worshipping of different gods, for prayers as and as an expression of emotions. It can be seen then that dance, like for so many other cultures, is an important part of Native American life and culture.

Try competitive dance

Dance is all around us and some people like to participate in competitive dance.  Competitive dance requires   dedication and perseverance.   Those who dance competitively must be committed to their craft in order to remain competitive. 
You don’t have to dance competitively, you can join a dancing class and just dance for the sheer joy of it - you just want to tap your feet and move your hips!  Dance and have fun - it's a wonderful thing to do in London .

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  1. Interesting fact about dance. I did not know about the slaves in Brazil. Angela.


Another wonderful comment, thank you!

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