Things to do in London - make a container garden FUN

6 June 2014

If - like many people in London or a city - you do not have access to a garden, why not consider creating a container garden which can offer you a wonderful calming environment and can be displayed around window ledges, balconies, steps leading to a front door or rooftops. You can make these areas more attractive, cosy and welcoming just by filling your window boxes with beautiful small perennials and perfumed enhanced roses. Your pots can be arranged with one single type of plant or groups of smaller pots; I am sure you will be delighted with the result.  This is a very relaxing and enjoyable activity that can be done throughout the year even if you live in a flat. There are so many things to do in London!

The beauty of container gardening is that you can create different colour schemes and vary this  according to which flowers bloom and then finish flowering.  The height of plants makes an immense difference to the scheme. Make sure you vary the height of each plant, as well as the texture and shape of the leaves; this will make for a more appealing design. For example, lofty  tall  leaves  will give wonderful scenery to shorter low growing plants with wide leaves. You should try and select plants that have a long flowering season otherwise you have to quickly replace them. However, you could also select plants with a short flowering season but have other plants ready to replace them when they finish flowering.

Find different types of containers to use. You can use an old bowl or a copper urn or old food containers.  You could also purchase containers - for example you could use terracotta. However,  although terracotta pots can look quite stunning, they absorb a lot of water which thus leaves the plants with less moisture.  Consequently, it is a good idea to paint the interior of these pots with a special sealer.  You could also purchase cheaper plastic pots and paint the exterior for a more sophisticated look – use water based paints for this. You will also need to purchase the saucers that complement the pots to ensure that the water does not leak onto the floor and destroy your flooring. Make sure that the potting compost you purchase is a good quality one, as this will ensure your plants grow well and have the correct nutrients.

Prior to purchasing plants think carefully about where each plant will be positioned as you will need to consider this when selecting plants; sun loving plants will need bright sunny areas whilst some plants will grow too big for an indoor area.

If you have any space near your front door, think about having a nice selection group of potted plants.  Clusters of plants on one side are far more attractive than one type of plant on either side.
Think about how you are going to group your plants together.  Odd number grouping work much better than even numbers and a variation in height also adds character and interest to the plants. For example, you could put three or four plants together that are the same but have different sizes and colours – this looks splendid.

Thinking outside the box and with some perseverance,  your container garden will soon start to flourish - bringing a cosy, bright atmosphere to your room. What a wonderful calming activity for adults and children to participate in.

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