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13 June 2014

 Magic Courses - For children and adults see Davenport link below for places to  visit in London  for Magic!

As a child I loved to learn magic. I had no idea that it was something people selected as a career. Magic tricks are popular with both adults and
children and can be a fun activity for the entire family to try. I cannot think of a society that does not practice magic tricks. Magic is all around us and has been practised for centuries. There are many easy magic tricks to learn.

There are various objects and materials which are used to perform magic, such as flowers, boxes and cards. I think I am always fascinated by any handkerchief trick or box trick. Most beginners like to learn handkerchief tricks as they are  easiest tricks to learn and you don’t need to purchase any expensive products. 

The Handkerchief Trick
My favourite is ‘Handkerchief  - Change of colour': This is a simple trick but needs to be prepared well.

The audience is shown a handkerchief which is thrown into the air, in all different directions - just for fun - that's easy! The magician places the handkerchief into a closed fist and pulls it through. The handkerchief appears to change colour as it passes through the magician's hand!  The trick is that the magician actually has two hankies in their hand, but they conceal the other one.

As the magician pushes the hankie through his hand he/she reverses the position of the topmost hankie so that the one in the bottom with a different colour is showed up and the hankie apparently changes colour. That's not so easy, maybe I'll practise that part!

Watch how it's done by the professionals: A free easy magic trick for you.

Colour Changing Handkerchief Magic Trick with Christopher James

This trick requires you to be quick  as the alert audience will be endeavouring to catch you out. It entails the magician working quickly and using any distraction techniques  so that audience do not concentrate too much on his hand. You need to keep the hankies moving as one and maintain a constant flow.

Tips on Performing Handkerchief Tricks
1: Be quick
2: Distract the audience - with jokes!

3: Practice lots before you show the trick to an audience
4: Practise will make this magic trick look coo and easy!


Want to buy some magic items or try a course?
The Davenport Magic 
        Founded in 1898 by Lewis Davenport this family business specialises in magic! 
Based in the Charing Cross Underground Arcade in Central London, they cater for all levels of magic from children, novice adults to adult professionals. 
        They sell magic items and  run courses during the year. 

Have fun with easy magic!

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