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4 June 2014

Gardening is a wonderful free calming, therapeutic activity and even in London, where gardens are small, one can still gain much enjoyment from gardening.  But how do you make the best choices of which plants to buy for your garden?

If you’re like me, you just buy plants because you like the look of them; I have no planned idea of how I am going to plant or take care of the plants.  Standing perplexed peering out into the garden, I randomly decide where the plants will go.  However, much more thought is required to plant out well. I have done the research and now can make a more considered decision of where and how to plant. Let me share it with you:

Prior to purchasing plants it is a good idea to examine the soil – is it well drained or waterlogged and is the area you wish to plant in sheltered or windswept? Once you have identified this, you will have the necessary information to do some prudent planting; warm spots of the garden for plants that like sun; shady areas for plants that need shade; drought resistant plants for areas that can be shaded or sunny; and for those water logged areas purchase swamp plants.

Before you plant out, caution! You will need to establish the ph level of your soil and what type of nutrients may need to be added to it. The test is to find out if the soil is alkaline or acid, as this is vital for plants to grow and survive. The majority of plants prefer soil that is slightly acidic; however there are a few plants that require the soil to be alkaline. It is possible for the you to change the ph level, but this is time consuming and it is much simpler to establish what soil type you have and for that plant type.

Once all that hard work  has been done. Sit down and have a drink – you deserve it! Now let’s start planning.  Think about how you want to plant. You could decide to plant clusters of plants together or alternatively plant out separately. Try and plant in clusters of similar plants as otherwise your garden may seem rather haphazard. When you plant in groups the garden looks uniform and well organised – you can always bring together a cluster of different colours to make a more interesting feature.

Once you have decided on the above, place your selected plants in pots around the garden. This will give you the opportunity to see how they look before planting out. Try to group the plants in odd number varieties. This looks more attractive than even numbers - believe it or not! Thus, groups of three and five are best.  The best desired combination is different textures and colours. Place the lofty tall plants around the centre or back of your garden as they will be viewed from most angles. Plant away from trees as they will eventually compete with your plants and the tree roots will absorb all the moisture and nutrients away from your plant.

Colour is important and the right scheme of colour will enhance even as mall garden in London. Think about what colour the flowers will be when they bloom and how this will combine with the rest of the flowers around them. Remember that flowers bloom at different times of the year, so even though the colours may clash they still can be planted out next to each other as they will be in full bloom during different seasons.  Also think about the foliage colour, even when a plant is not in full bloom some plants have magnificent foliage colour and this will enhance your garden.

Gardening is a wonderful activity for both adults and children. Get children involved in this activity and you will see how quickly they will be able to make good choices and plant out plants that look fabulous. Enjoy! Great things to do in London.

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