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10 June 2014

Don't let your savings float away!
We all love to go out and have a good time.  There are many free activities and attractions in London, however many do require you to spend some money. Money is obviously important for us to manage our lives, but there are only a few people who really know how to manage their finances. For many of us it is difficult to manage our finances even though we would love the extra cash to enjoy going out and doing things. 

For the majority of the time saving money does seem, for many, like a good idea. However, temptation lurks just around the corner and many of us succumb to temptations and thus spend the money we should have otherwise saved. I have listed some helpful tips on how to save money and avoid the temptation:

1. It is vital that you know what your temptation is.  Are you tempted to buy fast food constantly, handbags, shoes or even video games? If you are tempted to buy handbags, video games or shoes for example, you have to first recognise this. Stay away from stores that sell these items and think carefully if you need to replace one of these items. Try and cook from fresh as the food will go a long way,whilst junk food last for the moment - you don't normally have much leftovers when you purchase fast food.

2.  Always prepare a grocery list in advance. Write down everything you need and stick to it. Take cash and only what you need to purchase the groceries. Think about what you will be cooking throughout the week or month and concentrate on purchasing the ingredients for that.

3. Only go to the shopping centre when you need to. Do not go window shopping as that will only encourage you to visit on another day and purchase items you really don’t need.  When you are trying to save money, window shopping it not the best activity to participate in; purchasing more stuff means you have less money to go out and do things.

4.  Leave your credit cards and store cards at home. Do not bring them with you, as they  give you the means to finance more stuff that you probably don’t need. By keeping the card at home, you will not only save money but lower the credit and store card debt.

5.  Open a savings bank account that is for a specific period of time. You are less likely to take out the money if you know you will lose a significant amount of interest or if the money is difficult to get at. This will be less tempting for you and will help with building up your savings.

6. Finally, why not consult with a financial adviser? Often times they offer free advice and help - like The Free Money Advice Service. They can give you help and advice on how to save money and get on top of your bills.

Going out and doing things is fun, but it is not much fun when you think that all your savings are being depleted. By ensuring that you save you will feel much happier going out and enjoying yourself. Have fun doing fun things in London with more money!

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