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8 June 2014

                                                         The relaxing  martial art activity of Tai Chi
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Tai Chi Ch'uan means - Supreme Ultimate Boxing, Great Extremes Boxing and Supreme Ultimate Fist!

Martial arts is a great recreational activity that will keep you fit and flexible. If you want to practise at home, for free, just watch a Youtube video  - see the link below. Alternately, you could try and find a local class in London  - see below for a link. As always there are always so many things to do in London, let's find out about Tai Chi.

Tai Chi has been practised in China for centuries as a martial art, to build body strength and a way to improve circulation and energy throughout the body. This activity of Tai Chi focuses on precise movement in order that each movement is correctly formed and felt; this explains the slow and subtle movements that are seem in the practise of Tai Chi.

The smooth non forceful movements of this activity promotes stamina, strength and a good degree of flexibility. Coordination and balance are thus heightened with the practise of Tai Chi as is the way the body and mind work together. This is a wonderful activity for those of you that suffer stiff joints, flexibility issues or those of you that are feeling stressed.

It is true to say that this activity was developed as a martial art, however there are minimal striking moves, offensive and defence techniques. This martial art works on  ensuring your breathing techniques are correct and you will find that all major muscles in the body are working, thus helping the Chi  - which is what the Chinese refer to as our internal  energy. This energy is thought to stop diseases and help with the healing of the body.

This activity when conducted helps the body to remain relaxed and soft; it  is as if you are being held by you’re a hair – softly - and suspended!  It allows your mind to focus on each movement and the  energy to flow around your body. This focusing of the mind and relaxation of the body, aids with the flow of Chi and ensures your entire body is benefiting from the movements

Although your body is relaxed,  you continually move and reposition. The energy continues to move through your body. Done correctly, you will feel weightless and your body will move with very little effort or energy. You will be at one with your body and the moves will come effortlessly.

When Tai Chi is used against an opponent, it is the opponent’s energy that is used against them. This means that there is very little effort that is needed. The key is to wait until the opponent has exhausted themselves  - their mind and body are not working as one – and then attack!  Thus, very little energy or force is needed when attacking or defending as it is all very well calculated.

This activity is a very ancient style of martial arts, and it is not one that is readily available to find a course in. However, as I always say – Tai Chi YouTube is always available and why not give the activity a try where every you are in the world. Follow the simple moves in this video and try a little each morning. I am right with you. Let’s become at peace with the world. After all, this is a free activity that will only cost you time. 

Find a local  Dojo centre - Dojo is a term used to signify the  training place of martial arts. If you cannot find  a Dojo centre  - use the above Youtube video.   I am sure you will have a good experience and it will add to the numerous activities you have to select from this site.

Here is a link to Tai Chi classes in London  There are also many local parks that put on Tai Chi during the summer months. Contact your local authority and find out about the great things to do in London today.


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