12 June 2014

If, like me,  you want to go out and do things, you need to make sure you are not worrying about incomplete jobs at home or work. Time is a precious commodity which needs to be utilised so you get the best out of life and make us all live a healthy life. Here are a few tips to help you manage your time:

 1: Some jobs only require a small percentage of your time. Write a list of small tasks that take up to 10 to 15 minutes and do them.
Get 3 small baskets and do a little
at time
Larger tasks always seem to take precedent and if we don’t do the large jobs we feel like as if we have failed. This results in feeling hopelessness and negative about the job. Complete small jobs first and this will spur you on to do the larger more complex jobs. Alternatively, break jobs down into small manageable jobs. If you manage to complete a set of small jobs, you will feel more in control, than if you completed nothing.
2:  It does not matter how much time you have - you can accomplish a great deal in 20 minutes. 

20 minutes a day would give you almost 123 hours a year. Now this is time that could be spent doing something productive and worthwhile. It is not to be sniffed at! Time is a valuable asset and each minute you waste , is time flushed away.
3:  Give yourself some time to play with. Set yourself deadlines and targets.

What can you do in half an hour? How much can you achieve in 20 minutes? Try to concentrate on the tasks at hand and put off anything or body that is vying for your attention. Concentrate 100% percent on the task at hand and do not stop until your allocated time is up. How much did you get done?

 4. Work on a certain project over a certain period of time.

Often times we decide that we must finish a given task by attempting to do it once. As above, concentrate on breaking the tasks down into small chunks and give yourself an allocated time to do a set chunk. By doing it piece meal you will find it more manageable and less labour intensive. You will also find that solutions to issues and new ideas develop gradually. Once this is done you can go out and do something you enjoy and stop worrying about unfinished jobs.

 5.  How often are you going to do the same thing?

How often are you going to give an update of your work to your boss. Give them the information every 12 days instead of every week. Go shopping every two weeks instead of every week. Check your email 3 times a day instead of 9 times a day! Use the rest of the time to do something productive and useful! How many times are you going to gossip about the same thing? Gossip once and then save your energy for your work!
6: Rise and Shine!

Early morning is always peaceful and quiet. Once in a blue moon, try and get up early and do some work. You will enjoy the quiet and get a lot more done without the constant interruptions of work colleagues or children. Allocate yourself a set day each month or week to get up early and do a given number of hours work. You will love how much you can get done!

Now you have freed up time to get out and about and do things in London you like! Have fun.

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