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21 June 2014

Let’s cook right!

I cannot think of a lovelier way to eat out than to have a barbecue.  I can smell it now!  Gathering family and friends together is a wonderful time to catch up, drink, eat and be merry. This is an enjoyable thing to do in London or anywhere in the world.

We all have our issues with regards to cooking, but unfortunately not preparing meat  correctly is a mistake that can mean much more than just bad tasting food.  Food poisoning can be a serious issue and you don’t want your lovely day to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.  Here are a few tips to help you have an incident free barbecue:

How to have tasty meat

1: Meat must be thoroughly defrosted before you cook it. Do not grill or cook frozen meat or meat that still has ice in it. You must thaw out the meat by letting it defrost in the fridge overnight. Alternatively, some microwaves have a defrost setting.

2: Cooked meat should be placed on a another plate/ dish. Do not  put it on the same bowl /plate  you took it from. This is very important as if you do this, harmful bacteria will be transferred to your freshly cooked meat.

3: Do not prod and poke the meat whilst it is cooking; this causes the meat to become very dry and unnecessary grease to fall onto your barbecue, producing food that does not taste very nice.

4: When you have cooked the meat and it is in the barbecue be sure to leave the cover on. Do not continually open it, as this causes it to lose moisture and the meat will quickly become dry and rubbery.

5: Although you may want the meat to cook quickly, do not turn the temperature up, if you have a temperature control. This will only lead to overcooked or even burnt food.

6: Lining your barbecue with aluminium foil may seem like a good idea, but it does alter the taste of the meat. The meat will taste like it is grilled rather than barbecued.


7: Always keep an eye on the barbecue – do not take your eyes off the barbecue! Do not go and do other things – it must be supervised at all times!

8: Barbecues must not be placed against a wall, even once you have finished cooking. The grill must have completely cooled down before putting back against a wall and definitely do not cook with it against a wall. The heat from the grill can transfer to a wall and this can cause the wall to heat up and explode!

9: To avoid any unnecessary accidents, whilst the grill is cooling, put the grill cover back on.

10: I know we all hate the clean-up, but it is imperative that you clean the grill before you store it away. This is very important as this could be a possible fire hazard the next time you use it. Also, you don’t want to keep replacing your grill and so for the longevity of your grill it’s best to take care of it.

11: Wait for the grill to cool right down before attempting to clean it. Some grills appear to be cool but are not. Once it is completely cool then make sure you give it a good clean, ready for your  next barbecue event!

Lastly, have fun. It’s great to go out and do things, but sometimes simple outdoor cooking can be just as good a day out as leaving your home. If barbecuing does not take your fancy, look around the site for other great days out, things to do and attractions to see in London and around the world. Have a great day, whatever you decide to do.

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