12 Free Unbelievable Ways to Eat Healthy When Out and About! FUN

16 June 2014

It is difficult to control your meal choices when you are out and about .   After all, you want to have a good time without thinking too much.  The good news is, you don’t have to restrict your diet; it’s important to consume a variety of foods and enjoy what you like within moderation. Here are a few suggestions to help you make some healthy choices and enjoy your day out:

          Substitute fizzy sugary drinks for water or reduced calorie soft drinks. Can’t stand plain drinking water?  Dilute the soft drink with three parts of water to one part soft drink, add ice and it will taste fine alongside your food.

          Love those side orders? Order your sides and salads separately so you can proportion how much you have and add a small amount of sauce rather than the total amount you are given.

         If you like pasta, take care not to order dishes which are heavily laden with cheese and cream sauces. Try to select a tomato based sauce instead. This is less fattening but still bursting with taste. Tomato sauce is a good form of vegetables and can make up one of your five a day! 

         Love a dessert?  Well order and share with a friend. What could be more sociable? You’ll also reduce the quantity to half. Try and stick to desserts that include fresh fruit    or vegetables and less cream.

         Love fish, lamb and vegetables? Ask for this to be grilled with a reduction of oil, this will be much better than if they are saturated with oil and butter.

         Fill up on soup before your main meal. However, stay away from cream soups which pack a mighty calorie punch, much more than soups without cream or cheese. 

        Baked potatoes are great but the cream sauces and extra butter add saturated fat and calories to your meal. Why not opt for tomato based sauces instead?

        Don’t continue to nibble, when you have had enough – stop eating! You can always take the rest home. What more could you ask for? A ready cooked meal for the evening or next day!

        I find that starters are great if you don’t want eat too much. Order two small starters, along with you beverage and you have a great meal that’s low in calories.

        Try to steer clear of chips as a side. Order vegetables such  as broccoli, spinach or boiled or baked potatoes.

      Same goes with the bread sticks or rolls. Try and restrict the butter you put on them as this significantly increases the amount of calories you consume.

         Wholegrain food is very filling. Try and select brown rice, pasta and bread. Thus, select dishes or a restaurant that offers a selection of fresh and wholesome food.


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