A Day Without Flowers Is Like a Day Without Sunshine FUN

28 May 2014

Be a beautiful flower, no matter if you are male or female - we can all blossom and grow! London have so many wonderful things to do.

As you pursue happiness there always seems to be something or someone that upsets the balance,  but the key is to stay focused and get that happy spirit back. Find things to do in London that make you happy and have fun!

Small things can make someone happy. I fill my living room with freshly cut scented flowers and this makes me happy. The smell and colour bring life to the room. Flowers are sunshine on a dull miserable day! Going out and having fun with family and friends makes me happy. Sometimes this requires a good deal of  money to be spent, while other times it just the price of an ice-cream and everyone is fine.

To be happy is just a state of mind; it is what you feel inside. You could have 'status', a high paying job, money in the bank and an entourage of willing people around you, but will this bring true happiness? It depends on you, as happiness is your state of mind and how you feel about the situation you are in. Exercise produces a good state of mind. Try and exercise more when you are feeling down- go for a long walk - leave your money and credit cards at home!

Happiness depends on your view and perspective of life and how you cope with events and situations. Are you welcoming of constructive criticism or do you get defensive? Do you turn every other event into a tragedy or do you learn from it and move on? Moving on can be very difficult, but worth the effort as you will feel better about yourself and have internal piece.

Most of us live busy lives, this is a phenomenon of this modern age. However, constantly striving to slot an  increasing amount of activity into a day will only leave you exhausted, stressed and definitely not happy. There are many activities you can do to make you happy.

Happiness does not have to be about money; of course financial pressures do bring their woes. It is important to find joy and happiness in situations and people around you and activities you can do with your friends and family. Think about them and enjoy and savour what people and nature have to offer you; a smile to a stranger, a warm greeting to a neighbour - provide not only you with happiness, but other people.

Fun activities and just making time for the people you care for, will bring more happiness than money could ever buy. So if you do anything today. Take control of how you feel. Get out and about, rest at home when need be but don't let life pass you and your family by.  Be a flower and bring sunshine to life - find exciting things to do in London and have fun!

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  1. Such wonderful suggestions. I find that just looking/reflecting on the happy moments in the day make me happier. I keep a joy journal and write a joyful moment in it every day. Sometimes it's the smallest of things that delights me and I feel thankful to have encountered them.

    Thanks for sharing (and for linking up to the SHINE Blog Hop).

    Wishing you a lovely day.


Another wonderful comment, thank you!

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