Sunday, 28 September 2014

Calculate Calories Burnt Doing Mundane Household Activities FUN FREE

Now that the weather is getting colder it is often difficult to find outdoor activities to burn calories. But do not worry, help is at hand with some of those mundane household jobs we all love to hate. Here are a few tips on how to burn calories, and have your home looking in tip top condition. You won’t believe the amount of calories you can burn...Calculate Calories Burnt Doing Mundane Household Activities :

Sweep away up to 70 calories in 15 minutes!
Home Cooking
We all know that fresh is best. Cook a homemade meal for you and your family or just you - if you're single like that - and you could burn up to 60 calories for 20 minutes and earn yourself a healthy meal as well. Cook a three course meal and you have gone over to burning up to 120 calories for 40 minutes cooking time!


Not everyone loves to shop, but if you do you can burn up extra calories. Just doing the weekly grocery shopping for 30 minutes can burn up to 100 calories and more. Just imagine if you doubled that to  one hour -  that calculates to burning up to 200 calories or more.

Wash the dishes

Ditch the dish washer and wash up for up to 20 minutes a day and see up to 50 calories drop off. Do this three times a day and you get a lovely 150 calories gone, gone gone!


Just put some headphones on and start to vacuum. Doing this for just 20 minutes and you will burn up to 50 calories. Do the entire house for one hour and this calculates to up to 160 calories.

Sweeping and Mopping

Is that kitchen and bathroom floor in need of some attention? Sweeping and mopping will get those arms moving and help with fat burning  Sweep for 10 minutes and burn up to 30 calories. Mop for 15 minutes and see up to 70 calories swept away!

Cleaning the Home

Time to get dirty! Clean your home until it shines. Just cleaning for 2 hours could burn up to 600 calories.  Clean  for just one hour and you will burn up to 300 calories.


15 minutes of ironing will burn up to 40 calories - so iron , iron and more iron!
  Ironing for up to one hour could burn up to 160 calories! I think it is time to get the iron out!

Doing Laundry

Washing clothes never seems to end...  put one one load on and another load appears!  But take heart, folding and hanging out clothes can calculate to burning up to 40 calories for just 20 minutes!

Weeding the Garden

Keep that garden in prestine condition. Weed for up to 30 minutes and see a 
lovely 153 calories gone, just gone! Weed for longer and an entire meal has been 

Painting the House

The king of calorie burning. Paint for up to one our and see up to 330 calories drop off. 
Wow! Do this for 3 hours and you have painted away an entire 990 calories!! 

Have fun knowing that you are burning calories doing these mundane household chores!
Calculate Calories Burnt Doing Mundane Household Activities.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Crazy Golf Swingers Shoreditch London FUN FREE

 Crazy Golf

Crazy Golf Swingers Shoreditch London 

The Institute of Competitive Socialising brings you Swingers!

Smoothly mixing socialising , good food and drink with golf, Swingers is a must night out whether you are a food, drink or  crazy golf enthusiast.  

Crazy golf with a different swing is brought to you by Swingers in London, Shoreditch.  Set in the trendy district of Shoreditch, a 7000-square warehouse has been transformed in to a nine hole crazy golf course. 

This 1920's themed bar will provide you with all you need for a unique night out. There is something for everyone. Not a golfing fan? Then hit the dance floor and eat and drink to your hearts content!

Food is served up by Pizza Pilgrims -freshly baked Neapolitan pizza - as well as a pop up street food such as Mac Met Cheese , Patty and Bun. 

I think there is load more to come from The Institute of Socialising - watch this space!

For more details about this unique crazy golf experience.

Have fun. Come back and tell us about your evening  out at Swingers.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Where are Cable Cars in London? FUN

Where are Cable Cars in London?
Opened 27th June 2012

Fancy Flying 'Emirates Air Line'? No need to visit an airport, just hop on a London Air Cable Cart to experience a 360 view of London. You can fly Emirates Airline between Royal Docks and the Greenwich Peninsula.

Cable car rides last from 5 minutes to 10 minutes, giving you a full experience of London from heavenly heights. On one side the cable cars terminates near the Excel Centre , Royal Docks termination; on the other side the cable cars terminate near to the O2 Arena, The Greenwich Peninsula. You can get a  great view of the Shard, O2 Arena , Canary Wharf,  the City and Greenwich. The cable cars depart every 10 minutes.

Each cable  car can hold up to ten passengers and two bicycles.

Opening Hours: 7am Monday to Friday  8am,  Saturday 9am Sunday

Fee: Cost of riding an air cable car

Closing times: Up to 8pm during winter months October to March,  and 9pm during summer months April to September.

Note: Opening hours will be extended when events take place locally. 

Trivia...  Double Decker Cable Cars: 

Did you know that some countries have double decker cable cars ?

France has a double decker aerial tramways (cable cars)  that carries 200 people in each cabin at a height of  380m over the Ponturin Gorge. Japan has one that carries 121 people in each cabin. Switzerland has one that carries 60 people in the lower deck and 30 people in the upper deck in the open air!

Enjoy flying Emirates Airways Cable Cars! 

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A Happy Healthy Lifestyle For You FUN

Happy, you are what you make happy!

As the dark dreary long nights draw in – cold nights loom in London town- it is easy to become inactive and unhappy. The summer months always seem to bring such joy and happiness with them, as opposed to the other seasons. It does not have to be like that. You can change your unhappy mood to one of happiness; it just takes a bit of thought.

Being happy, relaxed and active is good for you and this means it’s good for your health. Happiness can be a  barrier from the stresses and strain of modern day life. A healthy lifestyle should also mean a healthy and happy you. Too much stress can cause you to have many undesirable health issues that we all want to avoid.

The wonderful thing about being happy is you can decide that you are going to be happy and live a stress-free life. Change situations that are stressful and make you unhappy. You may not be able to do this overnight, but you sure can work progressively towards it! No situation remains the same for ever, all things change. When you find yourself in an awful place or situation, know that it can change and you can sometimes make the change occur quicker than you thought possible.

Going out and having fun is a good way to stay happy. Try to avoid arguing with people as this will only cause resentment and make at least one person unhappy. Endeavour to understand different points of views instead of arguing against them and just get along, accepting that we are all different.

How to be healthy and happy!  How to be happy:

Be thankful for whatever little you receive or have. Thank people that help you, thank people around you. Thank the cook for preparing a delicious meal, thank the cleaner, thank the receptionist and  thank the sales assistant that helped you pack your shopping. I thank you, for reading this!

Start the day listening to some relaxing music or just in silence. Try not to start with the depressing news, which will not make you happy but quite the opposite. Most news is bad news, so do you need to hear it as soon as you wake up?

Don’t waste your time. Time is very precious, wasted time cannot be gained back! Read How to gain more Time and have more Energy. Have you looked at your time recently?  Write yourself a list, set goals and then prioritise.

Start to laugh more. Find amusement in situations or tell a joke to a friend. Laughter is a wonderful tonic for many problems. 

Stay away from places that have extremely loud noises, toxins and are hazardous.

Express your feelings, affections, friendship and passion to people around you. They will most likely reciprocate your actions. Don’t keep pent up anger of frustrations, your health will suffer. Find ways of expressing yourself in a way that will not upset or harm other people.

Achieving your set goals by working hard is a great way to feel healthy and happy. We all like to feel that we have accomplished something – this makes us happy!

Try to learn something new as often as you can. Learning develops the mind and increases your brains functions. You can find out about so many interesting topics by just having an open mind and reading a wide range of fiction and non-fiction, doing different activities and visiting fun places.

Go out and have fun. Visit places that interest you. Go out for a simple run, jog or walk. You will feel invigorated and happy. Your body was made to be active.

Have fun today. What makes you happy? Leave your happy thought below! Thanks.

Friday, 22 August 2014

How To Lower High Blood Pressure and be Fit and Active For Life FUN

We all want to go out and have a great time. It goes without saying that in order to be fit and active we all need to be in good shape. However, high blood pressure will not allow you to do all the fun things you want to do , so it is important to keep your blood pressure in check.

Who is at risk of getting high blood pressure. You are at risk if you:

  • are overweight 
  • are a smokers
  • are Afro-Caribbean or African
  • Don't exercise enough
  • Don't eat enough fruit and vegetables
  • Drink too much alcohol 
  • Drink too much caffeine laden drinks such as coffee
  • are over 65

Although you may not be able to control all factors pertaining to developing high blood pressure,commonly high Blood pressure is a result of being overweight and diet. The more overweight you are increases your chances of you having high blood pressure. This increased risk means that it is important to maintain a normal weight for your height and build. Being a normal weight for your height and build is important even if you don’t have high blood pressure. Overweight people risk getting not only high blood pressure, but other ailments and life threatening diseases.

The good news is, that even if you are suffering with high blood pressure you can control it by losing weight and maintaining and overall good diet. 

Losing weight is not simple but it is achievable as is  and staying fit and healthy.  Reduce the amount of food you eat, eat fresh and natural food and start to become more active and fit. You may not think you eat a lot and indeed you may not. However, if your diet consists of food high in calories, added salt and sugar and low in nutrients then you are basically starving yourself and denying your body vital nutrients. Fresh foods – vegetables, fruit and fresh meat and fish are the best way to get your daily calorie requirements. Stick to this and you will see the weight fall off. Stay away from convenience food whenever you can and you will find that your overall health improves. Also stay away from those beastly calorie laden soft drinks which have too many hidden and unnecessary calories.

Get active and be fit and healthy  This will not only aid in you losing weight but also it will lower your blood pressure and also your cholesterol level and thus you will feel better and the risk of you contracting a disease will greatly be diminished. The more active you are, the less likely you are of getting high blood pressure. Take time to visit places you enjoy, go on family days out and experience all there is to do and see in London or where ever you live

Finally, try to get your heart pumping at least 4 times a week as this will help your heart and lungs be strong will feel fitter and stronger. Read how to stay fit and active without going to the gym. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

London Best Library Day Out Canada Water FUN

Library Southwark
This inverted pyramid is the magnificent library in the London Borough of Southwark - Canada Water. 
You enter from below and towering above you is a large wooden staircase which gallantly rises through the centre of the building, expanding into the top floor which has a reading gallery ringed around it.

This library is a place to relax , use your PC - they have WiFi -study, read or just sit quietly and let the world go by! There's lots of seating around the library - for you and your family or just for one. You get a feeling  of intimacy although in such a public space as there are so many corners and well-thought out seating areas. This building is an architectural triumph considering the small space that the architect had to work with; building up and out makes the user experience, even more thrilling than it would normally be.
Inside - Library Seating with Water View

For a bite to eat or drink, the cafe is on the ground floor serving a variety of hot and cold meals as well as beverages. You can read a book or use a computer in this space as well as the rest of the library. On the first floor there are also seats which overlook the water and offer a calm and tranquil read.
If you do not live in the borough and want to loan books/ audio, you will have to complete a FREE library card application. You will need - current proof of address, such as a utility bill and a passport or driving licence. They do not charge for you to join and you can register the children without taking proof of ID for them.
There are plenty of activities for children to do over the summer and half-term breaks,  so get down to Canada Water library  as soon as you can. What's more, the exit from the tube station, Canada Water,  leads directly into the library!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Can You Do The Healthy Living Dance? FUN

Many of us believe that to live a healthy life equates to living one without any fun. The words that come to mind for most people are : boring, dull and unpleasant. However, this is untrue as you can, with a little motivation and planning, live a healthy lifestyle and still have all the fun and excitement that you think you will be denied. You have a choice and that is all down to you. Just make a conscious decision – healthy or unhealthy the choice is yours! Healthy living is like a dance, it has many stops and turns!

You don’t have to spend an inexhaustible amount of money to be healthy, no matter what the adverts say! These adverts imply that it is near impossible to live a healthy lifestyle without paying for it. They make it seem so difficult without the aid of packaged healthy foods and specific diets. This is totally untrue; the road to a healthy lifestyle is not a difficult one. Small steps will take you down the right road and you will feel so much better for it. This is about you and no one else, do not compare yourself to others, and just start with the person in the mirror!

Survival Healthy Lifestyle Tips:

Healthy food and eat healthy: - Crisp fresh fruit and vegetables are always good for you. Not canned, but fresh!   Try and eat more locally grown vegetables. Fresh and raw vegetables are good for your health so stock up on plenty throughout the day.

Watch the weight: Being  over-weight or underweight is not  a good healthy option , no matter what anyone says. Keep your body in the best condition you can manage by regularly exercising and eating healthy. Keep fit and your mind and body will be fit. You will lead a much more fulfilling life if your body and mind are in top shape. This in turn will help you to have a better quality of life at home, work and play!

Move your body: Exercise - most people don’t like to hear that word, but exercise you must. You must make your heart race and you blood pump at least for 30 minutes a day. Moving your body is a great way to feel better about yourself and the world. Feeling sluggish could be due to a  lack of movement and exercise. Even on the days that you feel particularly sluggish, you should endeavour to do some exercise as this will help you. It does not matter what you do, from dance to tai chai, walking, jogging, cycling or just riding a stationary exercise bike at home. Just get moving and don’t overdo it!

Get some puff back – stop smoking: Need I say anymore. You know what you have to do. Your body knows what you have to do. Listen to your body, listen to your lungs and ditch the cigarettes.
Pollution and toxins are killing us:  Purchase fresh locally produced food, organic fruit and vegetables whenever possible. If budget allows opt for organic grown produce over non-organic.
Read 9 ways to buy natural organic food on a budget.

Start today: You don’t need to wait. Start today. Avoid anything that takes you off track. Plan your healthy life and go get it! Don’t let others mock your efforts, stick to your plan and do the best you can. It can be a battle to follow the right path, but it is a worthwhile challenge and you will love the results.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lose weight fast and have more energy to see what’s on in London! FUN

Be fit and healthy when you go out. Ditch that extra fat by losing 10 pounds fast!  

The solution - cut out all unnecessary sugar and fat from your diet and stock up on tasty healthy meals and snacks that will keep you full and not craving. Use the tips below to kick start your healthy dieting plan. This is a balanced diet so you can keep it going for as long as you like! You will have more energy to go out and do all the wonderful activities that are on this site - from free trips to golfing.
Top Tips For A Healthy You!
  • What are you eating? If you don’t know, start to keep a track of all you eat and drink.
  • Reduce your fat intake by half, that means half the amount of butter on scones or bread, half the amount of salad cream or mayonnaise – or just say no to mayonnaise - and reduce the amount of oil, by half,  when cooking and marinating food.
  • Reduce any sugar treats to twice a week.
  • Stock up on your protein rich food such as fish, meat, chicken, legumes, peanut, eggs or yogurt.
  • Try to go have a vegetarian meal at least once a day – either lunch or dinner this will help reduce the amount of fat you intake and increase fibre. Try to have meals based around vegetables, beans and whole grains.
  • Use skinned milk instead of full-fat milk or try semi-skinned milk.
  • Fresh fruit is great for a sweet tooth -  eat at least two servings of fresh fruit every day.
  • Drink water instead of fruit juice. Don’t like the taste of water? Add lemon or lime juice.
  • Your lunch and dinner should include at least two servings of vegetables – this will give you four serving per day!
  •  Have at least one or two servings of whole grains with every meal.
  • Don’t snack in front of the television – studies have shown you will eat more. Turn off the TV and enjoy a smaller amount of food and thus less calories!
  • Choose foods that you can eat ! Carbonated sugar drinks are loaded with empty calories and fruit juices do not provide the same amount of fibre and vitamins as the real fruit – so be careful.
  • Don’t leave your meals to chance; plan what you are going to eat for your meals and snacks, this way you don’t make hasty choices. We tend to select higher calorie snacks and meals when we do not plan ahead. 
Now you are energised – go forward and start your healthy eating today. Good luck and eat right! Have fun with that new found energy  and find out what’s on in London today!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

How to Gain more Time and Have More Energy FUN

Time is gold dust – well in many ways better than gold. No matter what your social status we all have the same amount of time in a day.  Buying time is a popular idiom, but in reality time that is lost cannot be reclaimed. Indeed, time that is lost may have a greater impact on your life than you think!

It is very easy to lose time pontificating and procrastinating about what should be or how terrible a world we live in. It is quite easy to sit around wasting your time thinking amount how poor you are or when you are going to win that huge lottery and have a fantastic life.

Most of us do not appreciate the time we have and how we abuse it, rather than use it. You will never ever get back lost time and so it is important to grab it with both hands and spend time investing in life and yourself.

How much time do you spend just watching the television or surfing the net? How much time do you waste at work , just doing nothing? This lost time soon creeps into all aspects of your life. Not much can get done around the home, time out or having fun - if time is lost procrastinating and pontificating. It’s all very well waking up early to gain more time, but are you actually doing something productive or just sitting around drinking coffee and having a few more smokes? Time will not come back to you!

Rather than watching time go by, select things that you enjoy and that will make you happy and motivate you. How many times have you sat at work pondering on the end of the week or waiting for the end of the working day? This is lost time!  Find something that will take your mind away from that and concentrate on that task. Time will then soon go very quickly without you wishing it away. You will also have completed a task that would otherwise have been put off for weeks or forever.

Live for today and not for tomorrow. Don’t let time slip away. Manage your time by thinking carefully about how you organize your life, thoughts and behaviour. 

Don’t let time start tomorrow, wake it up today

Have a lovely day.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

FREE The Best Museums in London FUN

The Natural History Museum London holds exhibits on a number of topics that include plants, animals, palaeontology, ecosystems and climatology. 

The Natural History Museum
Cromwell Road
SW7 5BD 
T: UK 44 (0)20 7942 5000

Opening Times
Monday to Saturday - 10am to 5pm
Sunday - 2pm to 5pm.
The museum is open every day except 24th to 26th December.

The London Natural History Museum  is open to the public and Free of charge, apart from some tours and special shows which incur a fee.

Museums are a great place to visit for adults and children. There is always something interesting for all ages to ponder over and many museums have interactive tours and shows. These interactive activities will keep children and adults entertained for hours! The combination of knowledge and fun go hand-in-hand; children learn so much more when they find an activity fun and easily gain related knowledge. Check out the full list of museums in London here.
What you can do at the Natural History Museum London?
1: Enjoy free day time activities 
2: Explore the exhibits of life sized dinosaurs
3: Visit the Darwin Centre
4: New Mammoth Age Exhibition - visit ice aged giants!
5: New - The butterfly exhibition is now open 
6: Book to see One Hundred Years of Human History Story
7: Visit the Bat Festival 6th to 7th July
8: Use the multi-media to take a virtual tour of the museum
9: Discover The Wildlife Garden
10: Experience and gain knowledge on Volcanoes and Earth Quakes

Take a picnic or eat in the restaurant or a cafe. 
Places to eat at the London National Natural History Museum:
  • Restaurant
  • Darwin Cafe
  • Deli Cafe
  • Snack Bar and Picnic Area 
  • Central Hall Cafe
Have fun!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Good things to do in London - Include Exercise FUN

Walking or Jogging -Just Do It!
It’s important to get out and about and do things, see attractions and visit new places. But if you are not physically fit, how will you ever be able to do this?  At some time during the year, most of us follow some form of exercise routine. This is especially true after a season of celebrations, such as Christmas. However, have you ever really thought about why it is so important to exercise, irrespective of how slim you are?  A routine of exercise will contribute to your overall well-being as well as a trimmer body, give you more energy in order to go out and do all those wonderful things to do in London have listed on this site!  Here is a list of some of the benefits of exercise:

1. When you exercise you burn calories! If you burn more calories than you consume you will start to lose weight. So, as part of losing weight it is important to factor into your routine some form of exercise, otherwise you’ll find that it is more difficult to lose weight and keep it off.  

2: If you already suffer from a minor disease such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure, exercise can actually bring these diseases under control. It can also lower the risk of acquiring certain other diseases.  Give exercise a try to day. Find activity that you enjoy doing and do one today.

3:  It has been shown that many diseases such as stroke and diabetes may be linked to a lack of exercise and a poor diet.  Some diseases increase the risk of other ailments, for example diabetes increases the risk of heart attack and strokes. Reduce your health risk by exercising. Find activities that you enjoy and start to do them on a regular basis. Take a walk around this site and find lots of free things to do that will keep you fit and active.

4. Exercise gives you a sense of well-being and will help you to be a more positive person. If you feel happy you will enjoy going out with your family, visiting attractions and doing things in London or wherever you are in the world. You will find that once you start doing things that you will not look back and start to wonder why you did not start sooner. You will also find that exercise starts to become part of your life as many things to do in many countries require you to walk or sometimes even run!

5:  How’s your mind? You need to release those endorphins.  An increase in exercise means an increase in endorphins, which means an increase in your mood. Endorphins make you feel happy as they have a chemical within them that fights stress and depression. Release those serotonin; serotonin make you feel well and they also help out to feel more relaxed which means a better sleep – more sleep means more exercise as you will not be so tired.  Are you ready? It’s time to get up and do something you like doing – exercise.

Finally, I hope this has inspired you to start exercising today. Don’t hesitate - act today. Even if it’s only 10 minutes today, you'll soon build up to half an hour.  There are many things to do in London that will keep you fit and active. You could try the exercise programme or something different, like visiting the sites of your local area and taking pictures. It does not matter what you do, just do it!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Eat Interactively at Inamo - London Soho FUN


Inamo  is Pan-Asian restaurant and bar where you will encounter a dining experience like no other. Inamo uses E-table, an interactive ordering system which gives you complete control over your dining experience. The interactive tables double up as computer tables , with illustrated food and drinks menu projected from above onto the surface of the table. You have complete control of everything:

1: You can play games
2: Order your food and drink
3: Select your own virtual table cloth
4: You can also watch the chefs behind the scenes
5: Check out activities in the local area
6: You can even order a taxi home

                                                   Address: 134 Wardour St, Soho, London, W1F 8ZP

Saturday, 21 June 2014

Events In London -Include Barbecuing Safely! FUN

Let’s cook right!

I cannot think of a lovelier way to eat out than to have a barbecue.  I can smell it now!  Gathering family and friends together is a wonderful time to catch up, drink, eat and be merry. This is an enjoyable thing to do in London or anywhere in the world.

We all have our issues with regards to cooking, but unfortunately not preparing meat  correctly is a mistake that can mean much more than just bad tasting food.  Food poisoning can be a serious issue and you don’t want your lovely day to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.  Here are a few tips to help you have an incident free barbecue:

How to have tasty meat

1: Meat must be thoroughly defrosted before you cook it. Do not grill or cook frozen meat or meat that still has ice in it. You must thaw out the meat by letting it defrost in the fridge overnight. Alternatively, some microwaves have a defrost setting.

2: Cooked meat should be placed on a another plate/ dish. Do not  put it on the same bowl /plate  you took it from. This is very important as if you do this, harmful bacteria will be transferred to your freshly cooked meat.

3: Do not prod and poke the meat whilst it is cooking; this causes the meat to become very dry and unnecessary grease to fall onto your barbecue, producing food that does not taste very nice.

4: When you have cooked the meat and it is in the barbecue be sure to leave the cover on. Do not continually open it, as this causes it to lose moisture and the meat will quickly become dry and rubbery.

5: Although you may want the meat to cook quickly, do not turn the temperature up, if you have a temperature control. This will only lead to overcooked or even burnt food.

6: Lining your barbecue with aluminium foil may seem like a good idea, but it does alter the taste of the meat. The meat will taste like it is grilled rather than barbecued.


7: Always keep an eye on the barbecue – do not take your eyes off the barbecue! Do not go and do other things – it must be supervised at all times!

8: Barbecues must not be placed against a wall, even once you have finished cooking. The grill must have completely cooled down before putting back against a wall and definitely do not cook with it against a wall. The heat from the grill can transfer to a wall and this can cause the wall to heat up and explode!

9: To avoid any unnecessary accidents, whilst the grill is cooling, put the grill cover back on.

10: I know we all hate the clean-up, but it is imperative that you clean the grill before you store it away. This is very important as this could be a possible fire hazard the next time you use it. Also, you don’t want to keep replacing your grill and so for the longevity of your grill it’s best to take care of it.

11: Wait for the grill to cool right down before attempting to clean it. Some grills appear to be cool but are not. Once it is completely cool then make sure you give it a good clean, ready for your  next barbecue event!

Lastly, have fun. It’s great to go out and do things, but sometimes simple outdoor cooking can be just as good a day out as leaving your home. If barbecuing does not take your fancy, look around the site for other great days out, things to do and attractions to see in London and around the world. Have a great day, whatever you decide to do.

Monday, 16 June 2014

12 Free Unbelievable Ways to Eat Healthy When Out and About! FUN

It is difficult to control your meal choices when you are out and about .   After all, you want to have a good time without thinking too much.  The good news is, you don’t have to restrict your diet; it’s important to consume a variety of foods and enjoy what you like within moderation. Here are a few suggestions to help you make some healthy choices and enjoy your day out:

          Substitute fizzy sugary drinks for water or reduced calorie soft drinks. Can’t stand plain drinking water?  Dilute the soft drink with three parts of water to one part soft drink, add ice and it will taste fine alongside your food.

          Love those side orders? Order your sides and salads separately so you can proportion how much you have and add a small amount of sauce rather than the total amount you are given.

         If you like pasta, take care not to order dishes which are heavily laden with cheese and cream sauces. Try to select a tomato based sauce instead. This is less fattening but still bursting with taste. Tomato sauce is a good form of vegetables and can make up one of your five a day! 

         Love a dessert?  Well order and share with a friend. What could be more sociable? You’ll also reduce the quantity to half. Try and stick to desserts that include fresh fruit    or vegetables and less cream.

         Love fish, lamb and vegetables? Ask for this to be grilled with a reduction of oil, this will be much better than if they are saturated with oil and butter.

         Fill up on soup before your main meal. However, stay away from cream soups which pack a mighty calorie punch, much more than soups without cream or cheese. 

        Baked potatoes are great but the cream sauces and extra butter add saturated fat and calories to your meal. Why not opt for tomato based sauces instead?

        Don’t continue to nibble, when you have had enough – stop eating! You can always take the rest home. What more could you ask for? A ready cooked meal for the evening or next day!

        I find that starters are great if you don’t want eat too much. Order two small starters, along with you beverage and you have a great meal that’s low in calories.

        Try to steer clear of chips as a side. Order vegetables such  as broccoli, spinach or boiled or baked potatoes.

      Same goes with the bread sticks or rolls. Try and restrict the butter you put on them as this significantly increases the amount of calories you consume.

         Wholegrain food is very filling. Try and select brown rice, pasta and bread. Thus, select dishes or a restaurant that offers a selection of fresh and wholesome food.


Friday, 13 June 2014

Learn Easy Magic Tricks - Places to Visit in London FUN

 Magic Courses - For children and adults see Davenport link below for places to  visit in London  for Magic!

As a child I loved to learn magic. I had no idea that it was something people selected as a career. Magic tricks are popular with both adults and
children and can be a fun activity for the entire family to try. I cannot think of a society that does not practice magic tricks. Magic is all around us and has been practised for centuries. There are many easy magic tricks to learn.

There are various objects and materials which are used to perform magic, such as flowers, boxes and cards. I think I am always fascinated by any handkerchief trick or box trick. Most beginners like to learn handkerchief tricks as they are  easiest tricks to learn and you don’t need to purchase any expensive products. 

The Handkerchief Trick
My favourite is ‘Handkerchief  - Change of colour': This is a simple trick but needs to be prepared well.

The audience is shown a handkerchief which is thrown into the air, in all different directions - just for fun - that's easy! The magician places the handkerchief into a closed fist and pulls it through. The handkerchief appears to change colour as it passes through the magician's hand!  The trick is that the magician actually has two hankies in their hand, but they conceal the other one.

As the magician pushes the hankie through his hand he/she reverses the position of the topmost hankie so that the one in the bottom with a different colour is showed up and the hankie apparently changes colour. That's not so easy, maybe I'll practise that part!

Watch how it's done by the professionals: A free easy magic trick for you.

Colour Changing Handkerchief Magic Trick with Christopher James

This trick requires you to be quick  as the alert audience will be endeavouring to catch you out. It entails the magician working quickly and using any distraction techniques  so that audience do not concentrate too much on his hand. You need to keep the hankies moving as one and maintain a constant flow.

Tips on Performing Handkerchief Tricks
1: Be quick
2: Distract the audience - with jokes!

3: Practice lots before you show the trick to an audience
4: Practise will make this magic trick look coo and easy!


Want to buy some magic items or try a course?
The Davenport Magic 
        Founded in 1898 by Lewis Davenport this family business specialises in magic! 
Based in the Charing Cross Underground Arcade in Central London, they cater for all levels of magic from children, novice adults to adult professionals. 
        They sell magic items and  run courses during the year. 

Have fun with easy magic!


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